A Non-Profit Organization

Chairman's Message

          Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha remains dedicated to maintaining cost effectiveness while upholding a strict standard for excellence. While admission rates are constantly growing, the capacity to accommodate newly enrolled students is the latest challenge we face. We have leased a plot of land from the State of Qatar and it is just a matter of time before we begin construction work on the new campus to accommodate 1500 student. Our services as the Board of Trustees of the School are on a voluntary basis. We do not seek financial reward. We have diligently watched SSLSD grow as we prepare students to have a sense of integrity, upholding spiritual values, social responsibility, intellectuality and live cultured lives that are worthy of the School’s motto – “strive for excellence”.

          Our strength is our staff and the commitment of community leaders. The community will develop around the School, not allowing their own agenda to hinder the progress of the School. We hope to abide by the education guidelines stated by the State of Qatar and at the same time become leaders in an innovative sustainable education system. We would like to strengthen the ethical pillars on which the School is built. Even in our absence in the future, she will follow the core values – Growth, Flexibility, Transparency and Abandonment-the ability to ‘abandon’ out-dated ideas and methodology for new world trends. The future of our students cannot be strengthened solely by what our School offers. The Sri Lankan Education system especially government universities that offer valuable free education should integrate these children into their system in the event they are to return to Sri Lanka. These children should be treated with respect taking into consideration their parents’ contribution to foreign revenue for the country. I am keen to see the parents, teachers and administrators working together to ensure that these school-leavers are guaranteed higher education in Sri Lanka.

          I am very thankful to my dear friend Mr. Yusoof Fridoni who sponsored the School for 11 years, Mr. Abu Baker who facilitates the present school premises, the Board of Trustees for their invaluable services, and the Sri Lankan Embassy for acting as sponsor of the School and of course extending continued support.

Kumudu Fonseka
Chairman - Board of Trustees,
Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha