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The age group for admissions for the respective classes are as follows:

Section  Class  Age Group
Lower Reception 3 years and 29 days
Upper Reception 4 years and 29 days
Primary Year 1 5 years and 29 days
Year 2 6 years and 29 days
Year 3 7 years and 29 days
Year 4 8 years and 29 days
Year 5 9 years and 29 days
Year 6 10 years and 29 days
Secondary Year 7 11 years and 29 days
Year 8 12 years and 29 days
Year 9 13 years and 29 days
Pre-IGCSE 14 years and 29 days
IGCSE 15 years and 29 days
Senior Pre-GCE 16 years and 29 days
GCE 17 years and 29 days
  1. Admissions will be processed subject to availability of seats.
  2. Applicants for Pre-grade to Reception will be interviewed.
  3. Applicants from Year 1 onwards will have to sit for an entrance test and interview.
  4. Completed application forms are to be submitted to the school along with the required documents mentioned on the application form and the non-refundable fee of QR100. 
  5. The Admissions Office will contact the applicants for the entrance test / interview dates.
  6. After the test is completed and the minimum pass mark is achieved, the application will be approved by the Administration Manager and the Principal.
  7. Registrations will not be considered until all appropriate fees are paid.
  8. Prospective parents are welcomed to visit the school to obtain more information. 

Entry Qualification for Lower Reception

Age Requirement :
  • Should be strictly 3 years and 29 days by September.

Competency level
  • In-dependency.
  • Identify Shapes/Colors/ Letters and Numbers to 10.

Admissions Procedure

With regards to the admissions, the information and application form could be downloaded. 

1)    Duly filled application form for the student along with relevant documents to be submitted to the Admissions officer who is accountable to the Administration Manager

2)    Documents required for admission,

  • Copies of Passports, Resident Permits of parents and child.
  • Copies of QID of Parents.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of child(English Translation)
  • 2 recent Photographs of child.
  • Copy of Health Card and Immunization Card
  • Students joining from other schools in Qatar or any other Middle Eastern country should submit a leaving certificate authenticated by the Supreme Education Council of Qatar.

3)    Every application received will be logged in a register and a number will be given for easy reference.

4)    The following payments have to be made at the time of admission

  • Admission Fee QR 1000/- (this is a non-refundable one off fee for every new admission)
  • Special Fee QR 300/-  (this is an annual one off fee for every child attending the school, to cover the cost of handouts, printed materials and special events, payable at the beginning of every academic year)
  • Term school fee (This will vary depending on the class)

5)    If there is no vacant seat in that particular grade, then the student will be placed on the waiting list until a place is available.