A Non-Profit Organization

SSLSD Supports ROTA's 3rd Fund Raising Suhoor

SSLSD was at the forefront at the Fundraising Suhoor hosted by ROTA (Reach Out to Asia) to support the ‘My Education...My Hope’ fundraising campaign. The event was held on 7th of July at the Student Centre at Qatar Foundation. The programme included a presentation that educated the audience on the latest projects in the ‘My Education...My Hope’ campaign. One of the campaign’s initiatives is to strengthen primary and Secondary education opportunities for children in Palestine, Yemen, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Pakistan and Nepal.

A silent auction also took place as part of the fundraising event. The collection comprised of photographs and painting by local artists in line with this year’s Qatar-Brazil 2014 theme. SSLSD won one of the bids on a photograph that showed the iconic favelas or vibrant slums from the Brazil Trip collection by photographer Faisal Adama. As a community school that functions as a ‘not-for-profit’ organization, SSLSD serves a multitude of expatriate children from numerous backgrounds. In this light, the School considered it a wonderful opportunity to be able to contribute towards a worthy cause and to lend a hand to promote education.

SSLSD constantly strives not only to enhance the education offered to her students but also play a larger role in taking education to the less privileged children. SSLSD believes that contributing towards such events certainly adds value to the core values upheld by the School.