The 4th Annual Awards Day of Stafford Sri Lankan School, Doha was celebrated on 4th January 2013 hailing in the New Year. Students from Grades 2-12 received accolades for their excellent performance during the academic year completed.

This year, the ceremony was held at the College of the North Atlantic Qatar auditorium with the participation of guests, parents, staff and students. It was held in style and the sense of pride and joy at witnessing the journey of the school and the geniuses it has produced permeated the air.

For newly appointed Principal of SSLSD Dr. Wilfred Perera, this was the first time he addressed a formal gathering of the school. Chairman Mr. Kumudu Fonseka was presented with a plaque in honour of his long standing dedication towards the school. Madam Ayesha Rahuman also received a token of appreciation for services rendered to the school and elevating its position among education institutes in Qatar.

Traditional dances and choral singing exemplifying the feeling of achievement and success were also performed by various groups of students.

‘Strive for Excellence’ reads out motto; well, the school is certainly keeping its stride towards triumph at a steady pace!