The Sinhala and Tamil Avurudu Celebration is an annual event organized by staff and students of Stafford Sri Lankan School, Doha. A traditional festival that is celebrated with pomp and pageantry in Sri Lanka, it is celebrated to invoke prosperity and good fortune.

The programme opened with the traditional rituals being observed by students. Thereafter students enjoyed various traditional New Year games that included eating buns and lime and spoon. Tug-o-war was quite popular this year as a group of students from Doha College also participated in the game for all the fun and frolic.

The event was held in the school premises on the 12th of April 2013 and this year’s highlight was the ‘Avurudu Pola’ or fair, where there were stalls for purchasing food and drink, dry rations and even a karaoke bar for entertainment. All proceeds will go towards the development of the school.