The Education Fair organized by Supreme Education Council of Qatar drew to a close on 27th April 2013 after a four day exhibition at the Doha International Exhibition Center. The Exhibition opened on the 24th of April 2013.

The main focus of the exhibition was promoting education provided by over 300 educational institutes and academies across the country. Each of the schools displayed valuable information with regards to the function and curricula of their respective schools. Some had even exhibited award winning work of their students.

Supreme Education Council lays special emphasis on improving the standard of education in Qatar. This exhibition could be referred to as a mutual gathering where school authorities received the opportunity to learn and share information with one another.

SSLSD too organized their stall that attracted many visitors. The school displayed achievements through a series of photographs and the school prospectus was emailed to interested parties. Several Staffordians represented the school at the exhibition helping visitors with information about the school.