TEDx Youth

Several students from the senior school participated in the [email protected] conference, held annually in Doha, Qatar to mark the UN Universal Children's Day. It was held on 17th November 2012 at Georgetown University.

This is a conference that aims at spreading inspiration through technology, entertainment and design, three simple yet highly effective mechanisms that attract youth. Young performers took to the stage to deliver life experiences as well as their own messages in order to inspire and bring out the creative being within each of the participants. The theme for 2012 was #Failbetter.

Not only do these conferences become a meeting place for students and undergraduates to mingle and engage in productive work but they also create opportunities for them to identify their own talents.



The Doha Tribeca Film Festival held annually in Qatar in order to promote film especially from the Arab World organized the Family Day which is a two-day event that is similar in nature to a carnival. Live acrobatic performances, workshops on various aspects of the film industry and other fun-filled sessions can be seen at this mega event.

Schools from all over Qatar are invited to perform on this day to a large audience. The programme takes place in the open-air stage within Karata, the Cultural Village of Qatar. SSLSD too joined the occasion and presented a traditional dance and duet performed by students of the middle and senior schools. This was held on 23rd November 2012.

Exposure to events of this nature will only continue to enhance the personality of our students.


Qatar Debates

SSLSD has a come a long way since its affiliations to Qatardebates, a community that is dedicated towards making our debaters, tomorrow’s leaders. Since the beginning of 2012, seven students of the Senior School have been training with QD to take part in the 3 Qatar Schools Debating League Tournaments organised every year. Last year Hephlin Robin was one among the 10 top debaters of the tournament. Over 20 schools take part in the tournament.