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SSLSD - DofE Bronze Expedition 2015


DofE Bronze award candidates of SSLSD did their expedition on 24th & 25th April. The adventure filled weekend consisted of an overnight camping expedition, coupled with a trek in the desert. Despite unforgiving weather conditions and mammoth challenges of the trek, all participants returned to school with a jubilant, appeased and contented look on their faces.

Children were dropped at a point three kilometers from the camp site with a map in their hands on 24th evening. They were sent in groups of seven at different points of time and were asked to find their way to the campsite using the maps provided. Proving their mettle, all four groups managed to reach the camp well within the given time.

At the camp, they set up their tents in groups and tried their hands on cooking for the first time in their lives, in onerous weather conditions. They had to cope with strong winds blowing at over 40 kilometers an hour which made setting up of the tents an extremely laborious task.

Having enjoyed the ‘best meal of their lives’ (because nobody complained), they gathered on the lawn for some entertainment. Running up and down the soft grass lawn, the children enjoyed the entertainment session together with the chairman, principal and the teachers.

The winds were not very kind to the campers and some tents did not survive the storm which blew across the bare lawn at more than 50 KMPH at night. However that storm could not kill the spirits of the young adventurers who were ready by 4.00 o’clock next morning for the most daring aspect of the expedition.

Having being briefed on the terms and conditions of the trek, children set off in their groups on a 12 kilometer trek through the unforgiving desert. If the distance and the hostile weather conditions were not hard enough, interpreting various secret codes and working out directions and distances from remote and at times misleading clues, made their trek next to impossible.

However the belligerent Staffordians managed to survive all odds that were against them and safely found their way into the camp by 8.00 o’clock. They chilled out in the pool, the rest of the morning and returned to school by noon, amidst cheers from their parents and colleagues.

Many parents thanked the teachers, principal, board of directors and the chairman for enabling their children to experience an expedition of such high caliber while the children expressed their gratitude to all mentioned above plus their parents for providing them with a prodigious memory to cherish for the rest of their lives. 

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by Maduranga Jayamanne | 14 May, 2015

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