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Celebrating the 69th Independence Day of Sri Lanka

At Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha

Although Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha  is thousands of miles away from its motherland, the culture and principles of Sri Lanka are inbuilt within this school.Owing to this reason the school held its Independence Day celebrations on 4th February 2017 with the honored presence of  Mr,Bhathiya Bulumulla, CEO of Aitken Spence Plantations Management Ltd.

Commencing with the National Anthem, the Sri Lankan flag was hoisted by The Chief Guest,the Chairman, Mr.Kumudu Fonseka, and several members of the Board of Trustees.Along the same line, there were several performances by students and informative sessions by the winners of independence day competitions bringing into the view of the audience the love and care that Sri Lankans have towards their country however much they live far away from it. Nevertheless, this celebration was considered as the greatest Independence Day celebration ever attended by our Chief Guest, Mr. Bulumulla,

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