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‘ZENSA’-Academic Week Exhibition 2016

The annual Academic Week conducted by SSLSD culminated in an educational exhibition titled ‘ZENSA’, last week. It was a grand event attended by scores of parents and well-wishers.

The exhibition saw models and posters prepared by students from the Reception classes to Year 13. Each department exhibited their own work which included a hologram project prepared by students of Year 1 for the ICT and Science department. A Gaming stall, photo booth and Business Centre were some of the main attractions at the exhibition.

A Poetry Hut that showcased the poetic prowess of students of Primary school was among several posters and charts that educated visitors on the evolution of the English language and its subtle nuances.

Assistant Principal of Newton School Ms. Rosemary attended the event as Chief Guest.

‘ZENSA’-Academic Week Exhibition 2016 -  Image Gallery

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by Maduranga Jayamanne | 10 Feb, 2016


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