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SSLSD Junior Sports Meet - 2015

The Junior Sports Meet of SSLSD was held on 13th November. The Meet saw the participation of students from Lower Reception to Under 10 and was an immense success.

Apart from interesting team events such as passing the ball and the baton relay, the pre-primary entertained the crowd with dress-up relay. Participants of all three houses, Topaz, Garnet and Emerald, were well-trained by the House teachers as it was a close contest. In the end, Emerald House emerged victorious, based on the overall points accumulated. They were closely followed by Topaz and Garnet House, respectively.

The event was graced by Chief Guest Mrs. Fonseka and guests of honour Mrs. Wickramasundara and Mrs. Hussain. 

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by Maduranga Jayamanne | 19 Nov, 2015

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