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 Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha hosts “Shakespeare Day 2016”


Students of Middle School of SSLSD paid tribute to the Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon last Thursday, 21st April 2016, with ‘Shakespeare Day 2016’, which comprised of a series of dramatic extracts and sonnets performed by students.

An annual event, this year’s celebration was extra special as it was held in commemoration of William Shakespeare’s 400 death anniversary.

The students performed excerpts from the renowned tragedies and comedies, delighting the audience that consisted of students and parents. The creative talent of students was evident in the manner in which they had prepared to host the event. A series of well selected sonnets were performed by students making references to their significance to the modern day and age.

Moreover, the outdoor ‘arena’ saw a replica of Shakespeare’s birth house, his wife Anne Hathaway’s abode and a Tudor-style banquet. Students were clad in Tudor attire and the general atmosphere had the aura of 15th/16th century England.

The legacy left behind by William Shakespeare is so inspiring that it continues to teach and instruct young theatre enthusiast. The event resulted in a fantastic learning experience for students.  



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by Maduranga Jayamanne | 02 May, 2016

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