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Purpose-Built Dream School

             Upon visiting the school premise, Minister Lakshman Kiriella was moved by a speech delivered by Samaka Gunasekara, the student who achieved top results at the Edexcel Advance Level Examination last year. He is unable to enter a foreign university owing to the exorbitant fees structure and is granted fourth priority in Sri Lanka as a student studying overseas.

             The Minister participated in a private meeting with representatives of the school and parents in order to carry forward the Purpose-Built Dream School project. The new building will house 2000 students and boasts of all amenities and facilities. With the establishment of a premise of their own, the school will focus on forming affiliations with higher education institutes such as SLIIT (Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology) so as to provide better opportunities to pursue higher education. The school has already begun discussions in this regard.

               The Chairman is confident that the ‘dream school’ will be completed within 1 ½ years as he has already approached the relevant authorities in order to draw the roadmap of the new school. He is also adamant that students of the only Sri Lankan School in Qatar receive free education even at university level in Sri Lanka. He is determined to work towards achieving this goal. In reciprocation, the Chairman has initiated a programme to build a faculty within a Lankan University that will benefit not only Sri Lankan students overseas but in Sri Lanka as well.

Minister's Visit to SSLSD

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by Maduranga Jayamanne | 02 Feb, 2016


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